Aleksey Antonov


Graduated from «Moscow Financial-Law University» and has a degree in finance. Has work experience as a CEO of licensed certification production center and advertising agency, as well as managing training aviation simulation center.

Dmitriy Zubarev

Managing partner

Graduated from Tomsk Medical University with «Medical Care» degree and «Сhirurgeon» qualification; Military Medical Academy with «Traumatology» degree and «Traumatologist – orthopaedist» qualification; Academy of Public Administration of Russian Federation with «International affairs» degree and «Press Officer» qualification. Transferred to the reserve of Russian Army and holds the rank of Colonel. Has working experience in Government Institutions and in General Management of the largest Russian licensing and certification center of medical production. Now Dmitriy is Managing partner of alcohol and cosmetics distribution companies.

Andrey Sheybak

Head of software development department

Graduated from «Emirates Aviation University» with a degree in Flight Operation Management with Flight Operation Management qualification. Has a commercial pilot license. Has 25 years of experience in software programming. He also has experience working at operational center for airlines in Middle East and Russian Federation. Andrey Sheybak produced software products, which are used in airline companies such as «Royal Jet» (UAE), «Global Aviation Logistics» (UAE), «NordWind» (RU), «Ikar» (RU).

Alexander Mukhanov

Head of engineer development department

Graduated with honours from Moscow Mechanical – Engineering University with «Technological process automation» degree. Has 10 years of experience in electronics manufacturing industry, Industrial process automation and Project managing.

Alexey Kartashov

Head of marketing and sales department 

Graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University with «Automated Systems of Information Processing» degree. Has more than 15-years’ experience in IT sales, more than 10 years of experience in integration systems of Information Security. Has experience in managing sales and marketing departments in “Rosneft” company. Has several certificates: Microsoft Certified professional, VSP, VMSP.

Ilya Lunin

Head of certification department
Graduated Bachelor of Moscow State Linguistic University with knowledge of three foreign languages (English, Spanish and French). Has an experience in Document Science and in Service & Production Certification process. Has completed training courses of “International Certification of production and services according to ISO worldwide Standards”.